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Develop and Market Your Business

Ease the pain of finding new clients – network in structured yet relaxed groups


Business Networking Opportunities

Network B2B was set up to bring a fresh approach to business networking. Before we started, you had two networking options: The “What-Was-The-Point-Of-That?” Network or The “Oh-My-God-I-Need-A-Referral!” Network. We decided to create a new business network to give you a much better option.

We offer you structured but relaxed business networking, so even if you’re new to networking, you will see a return if you follow our guidance and system. We make sure there is an informal atmosphere but still use a professional approach to ensure you succeed in finding new clients. Networking with Network B2B makes it a pleasure, not a chore.


Find a business networking event

Networking Meeting

Weekly networking events

Book on to your nearest weekly business networking meeting; our most popular networking time. Start building business relationships today.

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Networking Meeting

Monthly networking events

Book on to your nearest regular monthly business networking meeting, perfect if you can’t attend a weekly networking meeting.

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Women In Business events

Book on to your nearest weekly Women in Business networking meetings, see what is happening in your area.

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Why Network B2B

“I am a relatively new member, but Network B2B has already paid dividends, both with new business acquired and “introducers” obtained.”
George Anderson, Senior Partner, WPA Healthcare Practice
“Following the publicity made available using the podcasts and live broadcasts, I have received two enquiries, one of them was directly outside the studio!.”
Steve Kent, , Owner, Kent Building Developments
“I cannot believe how much support and fundraising income has been generated via being a Network B2B member, fully recommend joining Network B2B.”
Danny Mitchell, , Splash Appeal Manager, Percy Hedley Foundation