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Networking Tips & Advice

To get the most out of your business networking meetings, we have created a series of tips and advice to help members.

Our 12 steps to networking

First in our audio series is group attendance

Arriving early is an important aspect to networking:

Networking isn’t just about on the day, it also incorporates your wider network of contacts:

When presenting your 60 seconds, being clear about what you want is vital to your fellow members:

Active listening plays an important role:

Ten Minute presentations are your time to show value in your business or more about who you are:

Referrals help every business:

A vital time within a meeting the contribution session:

Arranging one to one meetings with fellow members provides opportunity and scope to help each other further:

Inviting your contacts benefits the group and your business:

Be open minded to different ideas:

Member training provides the tools to help you grow:

Creating an interesting opening

Looking to improve your 60 second pitch?

Steve Twynham explains how you can improve your pitch and make you stand out at a networking meeting.

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